Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boost the Re-Sale Value of Your Home!

As home prices are rising and once anxious sellers are jumping back into the market, many are asking what they can do to help boost the sales price of their home.

Here are four of Alex Veiga’s, of AP Business Writer, top tips:

1. Consider the Buyers. What you personally feel might be a great addition to the home might not be the right fit for the neighborhood or potential buyers. Sellers should be cautious when making large additions or structural changes to their property. Adding large ticket items, such as a pool or garage, might take away from other features of the property that a greater number of buyers might be interested in.

2. Beware of “over improving”. Making improvements to the home, especially adding upgrades to the kitchen and bathrooms are essential; however, choosing overly high priced upgrades might not show a good return.

3. Cost vs. Value. The cost of your improvement weighed against its potential return is the most important consideration when making improvements to your home. Choose to update your roofing, windows, and flooring rather than new siding and major basement renovations.

4. Get Expert Advice. Real estate agents are here to help you get the most money for your home and ensure that you are getting the best rate of return for any improvements you might be interested in. A real estate agent can tell you what improvements will help you to get the best price for your home.

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