Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mix a “Session” of Art and Food at this Hot New Restaurant in Platt Park!

With an unassuming exterior and a shockingly bold interior the Session Kitchen, a new restaurant opening at 1518 S. Pearl Street, offers visitors indulgences for the eyes and the taste buds. While guests enjoy the wide range of sharable plates, including many vegetarian and gluten-free, they will be marveled by the 13 art installations filling the two-story building. The open spaces allow guest to be a part of everything that’s happening around the restaurant and creates a synergy throughout the space.

The Breckenridge Wynkoop Company enhances their theme of “sessions” by offering menus that can be served in sessions of one, two, three or four portion versions.

"Think about anything you love to do. If you love music then it's a jam session; if you love snowboarding then it’s a shred session," says Stefanie Jones who represents the restaurant. Not only is there something for everyone in the restaurant's aesthetic, but also on the menu.

Session opens to the public this Friday October 25.

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